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Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers

Nearly everyone will need the services of a Solicitor or licenced property conveyancer to complete the sale or purchase of their property. Licensed Conveyancers essentially do the same job as solicitors in property transactions.

When it comes to property transactions there are typically two types of solicitors/conveyancing companies. The first are the ones operating nationally. Solicitors and property conveyancers operating at this level will typically have a large number of customers but, correspondingly, a large number of staff to deal with the workload. Because of location you will typically deal with these companies remotely (eg phone, mail, email). Because of their size they may offer very competitive rates.

The second type are the local solicitors and conveyancers. These companies are ‘on your doorstep’ and can discuss your requirements and case progress face-to-face.

Although a pretty competitive market, fees do vary so you should obtain a few quotes and way up cost against the level of service offered by each solicitor/conveyancer. Take a look at the companies advertising below and decide which is best suited to your needs:

Residential Conveyancing

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Commercial Conveyancing

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